Thanksgiving Made Easy



Thanksgiving is a time where family and friends gather to enjoy good company and even better food. It is a time to celebrate and give thanks for all that we have been blessed with. But let’s be honest, what everyone really looks forward to is the food.

Some of us have fond memories of our mothers in the kitchen making the holiday favorites like turkey, stuffing and pecan pie. While some of us have comical memories of their parents butchering the traditional Thanksgiving meal, and ordering Chinese to replace the burnt turkey.

So for those of you who don’t feel like cooking, Arnaud’s will be offering a special Thanksgiving Day Menu. This menu contains all of the classics with an authentic Creole twist. Not only will Arnaud’s be offering a special Thanksgiving menu, the traditional a la carte menu will also be available. Let this legendary New Orleans Restaurant do all the hard work, so you can enjoy time with your family and friends without the stress of being in the kitchen all day.

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