Happy Halloween!

Do you believe in ghosts? In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve decided to share some of our most haunted stories with you….


During the early hours of each New Year’s Day, Stephen K. Bellaire, C.P.A. – firmly planted in reality- conducted the restaurant’s annual year-end inventory in our Richelieu Bar. Not given to flights or fancy of wild imaginings, one year he was alone and counting bottles. Bellaire swears that he felt a dramatic drop in temperature emanating from the end of the long bar. When he turned around, a half-full cocktail glass had appeared on the until-then-empty counter. With the hair on the back of his neck bristling, he departed immediately.

Other sightings have occurred in the Richelieu, notably those of tuxedo-clad gentlemen, who may be bon vivants of an earlier century or late departed waiters.

More than one waiter has been startled to see a gentlemen dressed in a turn of the century tuxedo standing in the far left corner of the main dining room. He seems to appear when the restaurant is at its busiest and most exuberant and smiling with a proprietary air…Count Arnaud perhaps?

One waiter saw an elegantly dressed woman, wearing a fetching hat, leave the ladies room. She strolled across the corridor and disappeared through the wall. Investigation revealed that the wall had been added in this decade. On the other side, at the spot where she vanished, is a staircase. The waiter, one not easily rattled, was so shaken that he took the rest of the evening off.

Happy Halloween!

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