A Little History


A Blast from the Past

Arnaud’s during Prohibition

Throughout the 1920’s liquor continued to be freely poured at Arnaud’s, but rather carefully under the cover of locked private rooms.

The French 75 Cocktail

The powerful drink’s name stems from the 75 mm howitzers that were placed along the Maginot Line.

Toast the Cocktail

Learn about Arnaud’s during Prohibition and how the French 75 came to be!

Arnaud’s Creole Cottage

The Creole Cottage at Arnaud’s, 831-833 Bienville, was purchased September 19, 1946, by the Count.

The Skeleton Key

Learn the interesting history behind Arnaud’s Richelieu Bar and the Skeleton Keys that helped make it a local hot spot!

The Origins of the New Orleans Easter Parade

In 1956, Germaine Wells redefined what it meant to wear your “Sunday best” on Easter.

The Storming of the Sazerac

The Sazerac is considered by some to be The New Orleans cocktail.

Marketing Keys

Can you guess how Archie Casbarian used skeleton keys in a brilliant marketing campaign in 1978?

French Inspired

Do you know what inspiration behind the hostess uniform?